Car Steering Wheel Holder

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Steering Wheel Table
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Universal Car steering holder – Smart desk or Food & Drink.


  • Very light to carry, but sturdy enough to support a laptop, lunch, and notepad.
  • Hook on your steering wheel, you will get an instant ergonomic desk.
  • It can be Intended to mount on the steering wheel in seconds and can be bestowed.
  • While not in use, The lightweight construction makes it easy to store in the back seat pocket.

Car Steering Wheel Holder


  • Both sides can be used. one for enjoying a meal, the other side for use as a car office.
  • It is great for lunch breaks, watching videos on a phone or ipad while waiting, working on a laptop.
  • Steering wheel desk for car is suitable for eating, working with comfort in your car.
  • Car tray table for driver keep your car clean and organized. It is recommended for people that are constantly traveling.
  • Size:28cm*42cm*2.5cm/11 inch*16.5 inch * 0.98 inch. Weight capacity:11lb/ 5 kg.
  • The Car tray table is solidly and can hold a good weight. and would be sturdy enough for food and laptop.
  • Our Multipurpose Portable Auto Travel Tray is designed to fit most steering wheels.
  • Simple and easy to install. You can get an ergonomic desk instantly by just hooking the tray to your steering wheel. Adjust the steering if you find the tray is not horizontal.

Car Steering Wheel Holder

Car Steering Wheel Holder


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46 reviews for Car Steering Wheel Holder

  1. V***a

    this is a perfect choice for such a low price

  2. A***l


  3. S***l

    Does very well for my needs. I like to work and eat out of my car. For reference, this is being used on a Subaru Legacy 2010 steering wheel. One thing I would highly advised is that this may not fit if you have a steering wheel cover. If your steering wheel cover is too thick, it may not attach to the steering wheel. I have a steering wheel cover, but it was barely thin enough for this desk to work.

  4. A***v

    I work out of my car, and needed a desk. I drive a 2015 VW Jetta, and this fits the steering wheel perfectly. Keep in mind, you have to rotate the steering wheel into it’s “upside-down” position before then sliding the tray from below to hook onto the steering wheel.

    Most recently, I had to take my dog to the emergency vet for care, as her cancer came back, and because of COVID, I had to wait in my car. I had my iPad with me, and this tray, and I set it up, had my iPad on the tray, and was able to relax in the front seat (as best I could) while they ran some tests on my dog inside the hospital. I’m so glad I bought this. It’ll be great for when I can go back to work on the road.

  5. Z****n

    Since I am in university right now as a commuter, sometimes I spend a bit of time in my car as it is comfortable compared to uncomfortable desks/chairs at my campus. This table makes it easy to work inside the car for eating or working as it has two sides. 1 Side works as a lunch tray with a spot for a drink, other side is mainly flat for books or a computer.

  6. P***p

    This tray is very useful, and I’m glad I bought it! My new summer hobby is car-camping in a Toyota Prius while hiking through the beautiful forests of New York and Pennsylvania. When storms kept us cooped up in the car, I used this tray to turn the front seat into a dining area/office. It is perfectly sized to fit in the small space between the steering wheel and my body…no need to move the seat back. (Which would have been impossible due to the mattress in the back anyway.)

    The tray pops on and off easily regardless of steering wheel position (No need to turn the wheel upside down as mentioned with other kinds of cars.) It holds a meal or my cellphone/tablet/book securely without shifting or wiggling. When not in use, it tucks neatly between the seat and the center console. The tray is sturdy and seems like it will serve me well for many years. This is a simple thing, but it will really come in handy for anyone who spends a lot of time in their car!

  7. J****y

    and the steering wheel doesn’t have to be turned upside down. This makes the occasional eating in the car much neater. This table, I got the large one, is sturdy and does require a seat adjustment. The flip side has a nice writing surface and a place to secure a pen or pencil. Happy with my purchase.
    Suggest using this with the engine off if you intend to set your soda on the tray. The combination of power steering and the weight of a full drink on the tray can result in a wet lap. Lol, it hasn’t happened yet but I’m just putting it out there

  8. N****u

    I am a manager that finds himself in the field quite a bit. I ordered this on a whim, and have since ordered a few for fellow managers, as gifts. The desk has fit almost every vehicle I have tried it in, and is just the right size for an iPad Pro in a Belkin Keyboard case. I have managed a laptop a few times as well. Oh, and you can eat lunch off of it as well, if you’d like.
    Just remove before driving. You have been warned.

  9. T****y

    As an outside sales rep I sometimes feel like I live in my car. This dual purpose tray is a ‘must have’ if you need a well positioned mobile desk or a less awkward way to eat (and avoid wearing) your lunch. It’s nice that both sides are functional… a food tray complete with cup holder on one side, and and a smooth flat writing surface on the other. You won’t have to worry about getting grease or food residue on your paperwork! Also works well with small laptops or your iPad. Made of high-impact plastic, it won’t melt or warp if you leave it sitting in your hot car… virtually indestructible. I can’t imagine how I lived without one of these for so many years!

  10. W***m

    What I love about this is my laptop is now situated above my lap. It means I can actually get out out of my car if to grab something in the back without having to move everything to the passenger seat. I also love not having to deal with my laptop heating up in my lap.

  11. I**n

    Great for lunch breaks, watching videos on a phone or tablet while waiting, working on a lap top, camping, travel, etc… I keep mine stowed in the mesh panel behind the passenger seat. It fits perfect there, stays out of the way until I need it, and doesn’t rattle while driving. Tip: it works better if your steering wheel is upside down (at least on my car). That way it doesn’t mar the hard plastic middle piece of the steering wheel or accidentally honk the horn (yes, I did that, LOL). FYI, it will move left to right if the wheel turns, which I haven’t seen as an issue, but I could picture someone grabbing the wheel and causing their tray of food to slide off.

    But the easy fix for that is “don’t mess with your wheel”, Duh, LOL. It won’t hold a “heavy” load, not because it’s flimsy (because the tray itself is very sturdy), but because of the mechanism by which it attaches and hangs from the wheel. It has no problem holding a 17″ lap top, but you wouldn’t want to rest your arms on it and bear down as you would if you planned to take a nap. I’ve also used it as a plain tray, in the back of the car or for camping when you need a flat surface to sit drinks. Fun hack: We used it at the pool. We cut up 4 pieces of pool noodle, made a slit down the side long ways, and put them around the outside of the tray. It floated and held our drinks. Like I said, great little gadget.

  12. K***n

    I love this tray! Where I work, days can get hectic to the point where I simply refuse to eat my lunch inside so I go to my car (mental breakaway). I have a sliding armrest/console but it got annoying trying to cut up my hibachi-style teriyaki chicken from Tokyo Grill on it. I did an internet search and found this! No regrets! Note: if you have a steering wheel cover on, this won’t work. Bright side: it’s easy to put on your steering wheel and yes you will doubt yourself and think you can’t apply pressure or you’ll drop your food and drink in your lap, lol.

    This tray is sturdy enough to cut up food on it! Now, I have to be honest, I only used the “cup holder/placement” feature once…….I prefer the security of my cup holders in my car (‘17 Honda Civic). So where the cup I supposed to go, I put my phone there to watch YouTube while I eat my lunch (propped up by a popsocket). It works perfectly! Oh, and if you put this on your steering wheel and it’s at an angle, just take it off and try again. It’ll happen when you’re trying to put it on in a rush or just aren’t paying attention. :)

  13. A***n

    it’s really reasonably priced laptop holder, and the store offers a great service.

  14. S***a

    superb quality! recommend this Car Laptop Holder

  15. L***a

    it’s really awesome that i can get Car Laptop Holder online with no extra costs and receive it promptly and conveniently

  16. M***a

    Just the best. Savings for Car Laptop Holder are 100% worth it. The store is awesome

  17. D***l

    As I can judge from my own experience, the best laptop holders for any occasion online are sold in this very store. Great!

  18. S***a

    Happy with the purchase, will order again soon

  19. F***e

    Car Laptop Holder arrived as was promised. quality worthy, much better than expected. Thanks

  20. H***y

    For any kind of a budget Car Laptop Holder is just the perfect opportunity to get a farily good item that is totally worth is money

  21. O***r

    Reasonably priced Car Laptop Holder like this are quite rare to find. I appreciate the store hard work and effort

  22. T***m

    Car Laptop Holder is a top quality must-have

  23. J***y

    with or without a discount Car Laptop Holder is great value for money

  24. J***a

    now i know where can i buy Car Laptop Holder for the best price and be sure in its quality. thanks to the store owner!

  25. A***u

    Very nice and useful during covid 19

  26. O***k

    works well with my Ford Mondeo 5

  27. E***h

    This store is the perfect answer to where to find online

  28. A***r

    Thanks! It’s pretty good!

  29. D***k

    really happy with the Car Laptop Holder, recommend this store!

  30. A***a

    cool Car Laptop Holder

  31. C****t

    Perfect fit for my patrol car. I use it with my keyboard to type reports and eat lunch off of.

  32. C****t

    Perfect fit for my patrol car. I use it with my keyboard to type reports and eat lunch off of.

  33. L***s

    It’s a must if you are law enforcement. Wonder why my department didn’t just add this to all of our units. Affordable and useful! Highly recommended.

  34. S***a

    amazing quality, will be ordering more! Thank you!

  35. A***n

    Car Laptop Holder arrived without defects. Thanks for secure packaging. I give you a 5 stars.

  36. T***s

    the quality of Car Laptop Holder is astounding

  37. L***e

    Arrived very quickly, very practical I recommend

  38. T***r

    Very nice and helpful for the car!

  39. G***n

    The order came quickly, in about two weeks. It is packed in a thin film, which in the process of delivery on the edges broke and the edge of the table as a sandpaper rubbed (in the photo). If the steering wheel is wearing a cover, then the table does not fit, and if it gets up, it will not stick horizontally. In general, the thing is good, but taking into account the nuances, I put four to the store.

  40. A***k

    Excellent as expdcted!

  41. Customer

    Swift delivery, great service, correct items arrived as expected. I would definitely recommend

  42. M****c

    You will enjoy your fast food to the maximum just moments after it arrives through the window – you will not regret it. I can’t imagine any normal car has a steering wheel this wouldn’t work on. Fit on our suv perfectly. Worth every penny.

  43. T***r

    I’ve purchased on sale and the quality is amazing

  44. S***a

    So cool!

  45. K****l

    This is a really cool little “desk top” for your vehicle! I have to order 2 more for family and friends who saw this in my truck and want one as well. My truck has been my “office” for many years now with the type of work I do and wow I wish I had found this year’s ago! Now filling out paperwork is easy and neat when I’m done!!The cup holder is a little small, but the regular one in my truck is fine for that.

    Everything else about my new little “office desk” is absolutely fantastic and so very easy to attach to my steering wheel as well as stores neatly between the seat and armrest when I’m done. Can attach with one hand, which is great and remove also with one hand. Love that it is all a plastic type of surface as it makes cleaning easy to wipe down or even take inside to the kitchen sink. I haven’t had any need to put in the actual dishwasher, but appears the be sturdy enough to handle it in need arises. Well made, durable and easy to care for.

  46. D***d

    The option of free shipping is everything. Amazing customer service. Laptop Holder exactly as described.

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