Filtered Shower Head


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Toxic chemicals such as chlorine and its byproducts in your shower water cause respiratory disease, reproductive disorder, premature aging, and various types of cancer.
It is time to improve your showering water using this Filtered Shower Head & enjoy a healthy shower.

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Filtered Shower Head

You shower often to cleanse yourself, clear your mind, and relieve fatigue from your daily grind. While a healthy shower experience enhances your wellbeing, showering in unhealthy, contaminated water harms your health. Regular, unfiltered water is loaded with contaminants and toxic chemicals that trigger a variety of diseases and health issues. Toxic chemicals such as chlorine and its byproducts in your shower water cause respiratory disease, reproductive disorder, premature aging, and various types of cancer.

It is time to improve our showering water.


The health risks of unfiltered shower water

Once added to water, chlorine reacts with the natural organic matter present in the water, producing chlorine byproducts, such as trihalomethanes (THMs) and haloacetic acids. Trihalomethanes are toxic chemicals that destroy your cells upon contact, causing cellular damage that leads to diverse types of diseases.

While showering, your body’s trihalomethane absorption is accelerated and enhanced. During a hot shower, the heat opens your skin’s pores and vaporizes the trihalomethanes in your shower water into the air. As a result, trihalomethanes enter your body through dermal absorption and inhalation.

Showering with chlorinated water inflicts more harm to your health than drinking chlorinated water. Studies have shown that blood concentrations of trihalomethanes are significantly higher after a shower compared to drinking chlorinated water. Trihalomethane concentrations in your blood can increase by five to fifteen folds after a shower.

Once inside your body, trihalomethanes produce free radicals, causing extensive cellular damage. Frequent exposure to high concentrations of trihalomethanes during a shower damages your cells’ DNA, wreaking havoc on your health.

Trihalomethanes’ destructive effects have been linked with various health disorders and diseases, such as respiratory disease, reproductive and developmental disorders, and bladder, breast, colon, and rectal cancer.

shopnii-filtered shower head

How to Remove Chlorine and Trihalomethanes from Your Shower Water?

To create a safer and healthier shower experience, you must purify your shower water of toxic chemicals and contaminants that ravage your health and trigger various diseases. To purify your shower water of chemicals and contaminants, you must install a shower filter in your bathroom. A filtered shower head is a water purification unit that you fix in your bathroom to improve the quality of your shower water.

The most effective water filter mediums for eliminating chlorine and trihalomethanes from your shower water are carbon filters. carbon water filters use different methods to clear away toxic chemicals from your shower water.

Using our filtered shower head will help you get rid of 99% residual chlorine, DBP (such as THMs, HAAs), heavy metals, pesticide residue, organic matter, unpleasant taste and odors, which helps to keep the skin and hair healthy, far from itching and dry.

shopnii-filtered shower head

The benefits of use filtered shower head

Showering is a cleansing, refreshing, and relaxing ritual. A healthy shower routine provides plenty of mental and physical benefits. While showering in pure water has several health benefits, showering with contaminated water fills your body with toxic chemicals that wreak havoc on your health.

To minimize toxic chemical absorption and inhalation during your showers, install a shower filter in your bathroom to remove chlorine and trihalomethanes from your shower water. Shower filters purify your shower water of harmful contaminants, producing a healthier and more pleasant shower experience.

shopnii-filtered shower head

LUV Water Saving
Using LUV current-limiting technology our showerhead saves up to 30% water usage.

shopnii-filtered shower head

High Water Pressure
Built-in rotating filter cartridge, the pressurization technology is adopted. Let you enjoy the full water pressure during the bath. Effective without reducing water flow and works with cold and hot water.

shopnii-filtered shower head

Monitor Filtration Effect
Unique visual cartridge design enable you monitor filtration effect without removing the filter.


PURIFIED SHOWER WATER Our filter shower head with handheld high pressure is equipped with a 3-stage filtration system. The double PP cotton filter will block particles larger than 0.1 – 0.3 microns such as rust and other sediments. Giving you purified and soft water.

BETTER SKIN & HAIR CONDITION Our hard water softener shower head filter will purify the shower water to remove elements that are harmful to your skin and hair. Eventually, preserve the correct PH balance, protect the natural moisturizing layer of your skin and increase cell viability. No more frizzy hair, dry skin, and brittle nails.

HIGH PRESSURE & WATER SAVING Our high-pressure shower head water filter has 260 water nozzles that enhance the water pressure and speed while saving water by up to 40%. The high pressured shower water feels dense and delicate as it penetrates into your skin evenly, and the purified soft water will activate your cells, increase the oxygen content in the blood, and quickly relieve fatigue, giving you the ultimate massage enjoyment.

REPLACEABLE CARTRIDGE All filtration part in our showerheads with filter is detachable and replaceable. Enjoy 3-6 months of pure and soft water with each filter cartridge, then replace it with a new shower filter when the color goes dark. The lifespan of the filter may differ because of the quality of your shower water.

shopnii-filtered shower head

Product Size: 274 X 106 X 88 mm
Outlet water flow: 2.0 GPM
Operating pressure: 15-80 PSI
Operating temperature: 5-60℃ (41-140℉)
Filter capacity: 8000 gallons
Filtration media: PP cotton filter, Carbon fiber, Nano Deoxidization media

shopnii-filtered shower head shopnii-filtered shower head

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